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How to Properly Conduct Live Chat Sessions

Customer Live chat may have brought customer service to a whole new level, but this does not mean that one must leave their manners behind as well. As with phone conversations and emails, there is a proper way to conduct live chat conversations, both from the operator’s point of view as well as the customer’s. No matter how big a problem is, never forget to present proper etiquette.

The Operator

        Keep in mind that your main goal is to assist the customer. They may require help with anything from placing an order to asking for a replacement. No matter what they need help with, the key is to be patient. Blowing up at customers is forbidden. Remember that you know more than they do, and it is natural for them to come to you with their questions and problems. If they cannot understand you, just keep trying. Getting mad at the customer will get you nowhere.

        Live chat was created to help customers, so make sure you know how to help them. Being knowledgeable in whatever it is that your company does is one of the requirements if you want to be a great operator. As they say, knowledge is power, and if you have the knowledge, you have the power to make customers happy and satisfied.

        Another key to becoming a great operator is to focus on the task at hand. As much as possible, stay on topic. You want to serve customers quickly and efficiently, so you must focus on solving the issue.

         In addition, operators are also never allowed to lie to customers. One way or another, the customer is going to find out about this lie, and the company will lose income. Even if the customers never find out the truth, it is still unethical to lie, especially if you are lying about products that your company made.

        Remember to use simple questions and answers when talking to customers, and avoid using jargon. This is important because it will help in avoiding confusion.

The Customer

        Like the operator, the customer must keep their cool as well. Patience is important in any transaction because it avoids complications. The customer’s goal in undergoing live chat support is to get assistance, and most people want this done quick. This is the reason why customers must be patient, because if they get mad at the operator, chances are the operator will get mad as well, which will slow down the entire process.

        Do not be afraid to ask when you do not understand something. The operators are there to help, so ask them while you still can. Also, be sure to explain your problems in detail. Providing more details will help the operator solve the problem quicker.

        It is also important to show the operators that you appreciate their help. It is not that difficult to type a simple “thank you for your assistance.” Letting them know that they are appreciated will make their jobs easier. Knowing that they are helping plenty of people will make them more eager to do their jobs.

        Also, do not use caps lock. Most people like to use caps lock to show that they are yelling. First of all, it is difficult to read something when it is in all caps. Try to make the operator’s job easier and just type normally. Keep in mind that the easier their job is for them, the faster they can finish. Secondly, yelling at the operator will not do you much good. You will probably end up spending a much longer time then you were supposed to on customer service, and a bulk of this time was spent by you telling off the operator. Again, just be patient and let them do their job.