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Famous Golfers and their Golf Clubs

Golf is a serious sport for many especially for professional golfers. It is a fact that when someone is serious about something he or she needs to consider the steps to getting their goals. In this case, it’s winning in golf tournaments or at least making a career out of it. Golf clubs vary in size, shape, and material. Professional golfers make it a point to get the best clubs there is to help them win first place.

Here is a look at some famous golfers and their choices of golf clubs.

golf clubTiger Woods is one of the most famous golfers today. For quite a few years now he has been one of the highest paid athletes in the whole world. He turned pro in the year 1996 and won his first major tournament a year later. He became famous at a very young age of two. When he was only five years old, Golf Digest featured him in one of their articles. He has the first rank in the Official World Golf Ranking of 2014. He has seventy-nine PGA tour victories, twelve international victories, and fourteen other victories. Before he turned pro in 1996 he used Titleist clubs but has been using Nike clubs from 1996 onwards.

Adam Scott turned professional in 2000. He has twenty-six professional wins. He won in ten PGA Tours, nine European tours, five PGA tours of Australasia, one Sunshine tour, four Asian tours, and three other tours. He chooses to play using Titleist.

Steve Stricker is the fifteenth in the Official World Golfing Rank. He has won twenty-nine tours. He became professional in the year 1990 and has twenty-one professional wins. His brand of choice is Titleist.

Paul Casey has fifteen professional wins. He turned pro in the year 2000. He won in twelve European Tours, one PGA Tour, two Asian Tours, and two other tours. He chooses Nike when it comes to his clubs.

RoryMacllroy turned professional in the year 2007. He has eleven professional wins. He won five European tours, six PGA Tours, one Asian tour, one PGA tour of Australasia, and one other tour. He’s been with Titleist for five years until he made the switch to Nike in the year 2013.

Ernie Els, or The Big Easy as fans would call him, won in nineteen PGA Tours, twenty-eight European tours, one Japan golf tour, sixteen Sunshine tours, and 14 other tours. He has a total of sixty-six professional wins. He turned professional in the year 1989. The brand of his clubs is Adams.

Jim Furykuses the golf clubs of Callaway. He turned professional in 1992. He has a total of twenty-six professional wins. He won in sixteen PGA Tours and in one tour. He won one major championship, one FedEx Cup playoff event and in fourteen other PGA Tours.

Lee Westwoodor Westy turned professional in 1993 and has forty professional wins. He uses the brand Ping for his clubs.

Sadly, for some professional players, they would choose what brands to use depending on how much the companies of the brands would pay them to represent them. But the good news is that some professionals choose the brands that they would represent or endorse by the performance of the golf clubs or how it feels for them. You wouldn’t get anywhere without your clubs and if they aren’t that good or if you don’t feel comfortable in using them then you better be ready to say goodbye to your golfing career. So even if no one is offering you millions to use their clubs, try out the different brands yourself and see which one works best with your great golfing skills.

Going Spikeless? Why? What Happened to Spikes?

Before, golfers used to choose shoes with metal spikes. A few years ago, golfers started wearing shoes with plastic spikes instead. And now, golfers are slowly changing to shoes without spikes. Why? Should you follow suit as well? The answer to that is a yes. Read on to know more.

Sports and grass automatically means spiked shoes. Walking on soil, grass, and sand can be stressful to your feet if you are just using ordinary footwear with flat outsoles. And since golfers has no choice but to play in this type of terrain, metal spikes have been a requirement.

Thankfully, the ‘90s came and plastic spikes became a trend. Most golfers said their goodbyes to the discomfort that metal spikes brought to their feet. And thankfully, golf shoes with plastic spikes were a bit okay when walking on concrete.

golfA few years went by once more and golf shoes with replaceable spikes or hybrid golf shoes appeared on the market. It sold like pancakes. And most golfers have switched to it. After all, some of them still miss the feel of metal spikes – not to mention that some golf courses prohibit wearing metal spikes on their shoes.

The in late 2010, spikeless golf shoes became a hit. And most manufacturers have attributed this new trend to Fred Couples. People became interested on spikeless shoes when they saw Fred wearing it during a match with Tiger Woods. Every veteran golfers know that shoes can affect a golf players performance greatly. But when they saw no changes on Fred’s performance on the course, they immediately tried them.

As far as performance was concerned, yes, spikeless golf shoes did not gave golfers who tried them on a hard time. Surprisingly, many reported that it improved their game. How is that possible? Many had asked that question.

First, spikeless shoes are lightweight. Thanks to the removal of the spikes, shoes manufacturers were able to lessen the unnecessary weight and bulk of these shoes. Also, it became more compact. This made spikeless shoes feel like you are just wearing regular shoes.

Next, thanks to the nubs and cleats that replaced the spikes, the shoes still have the same traction on the ground as if they were spiked shoes – not to mention that golfers that wore this were glad since they can just keep them on even when walking on concrete. You can use them anywhere. And they are fashionable to wear.

Then, with these, you do not need to change spikes! No need to worry about metal spikes restriction anymore. You do not need to go to the locker to change shoes or place spikes anymore. Straight from the parking lot, you can just go to the course.

Lastly, many manufacturers have put a lot of effort on changing how the shoes’ traction works. The nubs placed on the shoes were not there just for design or for keeping your feet on the ground. Those nubs also make your feet’s pressure points comfortable when swinging, which results in a more optimal stroke without any discomfort.

That is all there is in spikeless shoes. It is not exactly the greatest discovery in golfing equipment technology, but getting one is truly the most practical choice. As of now, spikeless shoes have conquered almost 50% of the golfing shoes market. It has hugely grown. Before, the share of spikeless shoes in the market is around 10%.

Shoe manufacturers have predicted that it will still grow. And the possibility of spiked shoes becoming obsolete is high. So, as early as now, save up and get your own spikeless golfing shoes.